I am positive Vampire Knight has one of the steamiest "love trian

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I am positive Vampire Knight has one of the steamiest quotlove trian
I am positive has one of the steamiest "love triangles" making this a perfect choices for today's ️ I have only read volume one of this series because I wanted to make sure I would enjoy this title, and now that my interest is piqued I want to collect the rest of the volumes before I seriously dig into this series! I really think I'm going to like this manga, and especially because of these two sexy boys that are in this love triangle!! ️️ So, this story is about Yuki, a young girl, who was saved from a vampire attack as a child and is now being raised by the Headmaster of Cross Academy. Her and another boy Zero both act as guardians of the school, which holds a very big secret in that while the day class is human the night class is full of vampires! Yuki and Zero are charged with keeping the peace since they are two of the few who knows the school's secret. They must make sure the night class' secret is safe, while protecting the day class from any danger. However, Zero has a huge secret he has been keeping even from his partner, Yuki, which is revealed in the first volume! ????️️ So, onto the two boys in the love triangle which are Kaname, the brown haired boy who is a member of the night class (aka a vampire), and Zero, the white haired boy, and they are both just super hot!! I'm personally leaning toward Zero after the first volume anyway, I like his general personality and appearance a little bit more! Sorry for the double post today, but I wanted to try and catch up with both these challenges!! ️ ---------- Please check out my partner page ----------

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