...It's cold... White snow... What is "white"? What is "snow"? It

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...Its cold... White snow... What is quotwhitequot? What is quotsnowquot? It
...It's cold... White snow... What is "white"? What is "snow"? It is something that is not red. Something that is "red"... is what?" ~Yuki Kuran ️ Wanna show you my new Cosplay! I can't hold it xD Yuki was a dream cosplay from me and ahwww I love so much. This Anime was my first big big Hype xD ️ this cosplay was a Christmas present from a friend and I really love it hope you like it too yesterday I had a gastroscopy.. And yeah I don't feel so good.. But thanks for this wonderful humans who writes me 5.30am at morning and thinking of me ️

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