y'all can't lie she did some David blane shit we're crazy but we

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yall cant lie she did some David blane shit were crazy but we
y'all can't lie she did some David blane shit we're crazy but we love doing crazy things together... the best nails I ever did was when she's next to me. And what I find so funny is...nothing we ever did was serious... our success came from having fun with our job... meanwhile you so call "professionalism" if only you saw my 1099-k you'd flip shit...and I wasn't even trying like Donald trump wasn't even trying and he still became president your problem is you putting your energy positive or negative into someone else's rather than yourself. Becky and i stay book from classes to clients and we do what we want to do., we don't put up with snobby clients or haters , we don't rely on anyone... our students and clients know us so well and what kind of person we are any of you who say you wouldn't spend a dime on us? There's someone else' spending 800$ in your place. And all that money goes to something bigger that you have no idea...look at cardi b, you think she give a shit? Ayyy a stripper from the Bronx made it to the millions despite you "conservatives" you think we wanna just be a brand? We wanna make people laugh while we make money. So you can stay mad, and stay mad until the day you learn being mad ain't gonna make you successful. Spend your time idolizing and picking sides...but In the end who's idolizing you ?

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